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LimestoneBattaglia Imports can help you select tiles that make Limestone floors look attractive yet give them a clean and finish compliment. Limestone has maintained its popularity by its range of natural colors and many modern homes and businesses take advantage of this. Limestone consists of composed grains because it is a sedimentary rock.


The grains in the Limestone are the skeletons of marine organisms. Over millions of years later it gets solidified into a solid rock. It is formed by materials that get settled in the bottom of bodies of water. Limestone’s that are in muted tones are great for casual and comfortable lifestyles. They are appropriate for bathrooms, fireplaces, counter-tops, walls and floors. Wherever you need an informal design that means Limestone is desired.

Limestone in Los Angeles

It is a common material used for kitchen counters and flooring. It is easy to clean and gorgeous to look at in all its variations. Limestone has many textures that come either from granular or crystalline. Used for counter tops and floor tiles, it is a beautiful rock to use.

Typically sold lime can be cut down to any needed size. Cleaning limestone is very easy and fast. It is a component of cement that is found in architecture sculpture, tiles, and blocks. It is used in a variety of applications that is sold to contractors, retailers and a variety of customers.