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Porcelain & Ceramic Collection

Porcelain & Ceramic CollectionPorcelain floor tiles have been in use for many year and they are very popular nowadays since they are known for their hard material and water resistant features. There are different styles and colors that our clients can choose from. We also have them in different sizes, so your clients can make the best choice for them, to match the style and design of their residence or business.


Porcelain tiles are mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms because those are the most moisture places in the house, and porcelain is very durable and it will serve for many years in those conditions. Porcelain tiles are not only water resistant, but also have can give a very elegant and beautiful look to your kitchen or bathroom.

Ceramic is also a durable and strong tile which is more common to be used for countertops, walls, floors and other places. Mosaic Ceramic tiles are very popular for high traffic areas since they are water resistance, strong and durable type of stone and it will serve for many years.

Before choosing a tile for your kitchen or bathroom, we highly recommend you to talk with one of our specialists, who will help you to choose the best tile, that will fit in your budget and also give a brand new look to your residence.

At our Los Angeles granite, marble, limestone, slate, travertine importing company you will also find many unique and elegant countertops, fireplaces, statues and more. Call us at (888) 477-7776, to get more information about any kind of stone you are interested in, or simple visit to our office in Harbor City.