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West Carson Granite

West Carson Granite
Every person has a certain idea of how their dream homes should look like. The thought and hard work gone into building a home is often reflected in how fastidious people become on trivial issues related to their houses, like the colour of the walls or a certain shade of colour for their kitchen tiles that they weren’t able to get. Providing one of the most unique collections of West Carson Granite is Battaglia Imports, who understand the importance of such minor details. They offer their customers an exquisite collection of European marble and Granite stones, stunning people since 1967. The collection is imported from far and wide and includes imports from countries like Spain, Italy and Brazil.



Don't Look Any Further For Granite in West Carson


  • At Battalion Imports, customers can take advantage of a vast array of stones of superb quality. The company houses a wide slab collection consisting of marble, travertine, limestone, granite, slate and onyx. Another part of their collection is the tile collection comprising of motley of varieties like mosaic tiles, marble tiles, granite tiles, onyx tiles and limestone tiles. These products come in various standard sizes to accommodate individual needs.
  • The exquisite collection of granite West Carson comes in numerous granite colours like pink, yellow, white, black, grey, red, blue and green. Granite serves as an excellent choice for kitchen tops or table tops or even in bathrooms, giving homes and offices an aesthetic value. Further, the varieties of Granite in West Carson offered at Battaglia imports, make for good vanity tops, countertops, bar tops, kitchen tops, stone sinks and shower panel.
  • Aiming at complete customer satisfaction, the team at Battaglia exports offers additional services like providing cost estimates and assistance in designing. The team consisting of interior designers helps the customer in choosing a stone, which is customized to the client’s needs. The designers guide people by helping them arrive at the most optimal options, giving due consideration to matters like colour schemes of houses. Further, they also offer an additional 10% rebate to buyers residing in South Bay and Los Angeles on their first purchase. The team at Battaglia Imports is dedicated to providing its clientele the most beautiful options to decorate their houses, while making these options available at unbeatable prices.
  • Thees are the West Carson, CA  zip codes 95644 Who also can Feel free to contact us for more specials!